History of Saginomiya Shouei Association

Shirasagi Shouei association

The Shirasagi Shouei Association is located 5 minutes away from Saginomiya station south exit on the Seibu Shinjuku line, near the local shopping district. Depending on the season different events are held here, such as the Tanabata. For this event primary- and middle school -students helped out by writing wishes that are then displayed in the shopping district as a gallary. In winter the stores in the shopping district decorate their displays with illumination (Illumination sale). Rice cake making events, night watches and other festivals are also held and information regarding the sales or other information is uploaded on the blog. The Saginomiya 2-chome Shouei Association has two cranes facing each other as a symbol.

History of Saginomiya Shouei Association

1945founded as Saginomiya Ni-chome Shouei Association
1955The name changed to「Shirasagi Shouei Association」together with the renaming of the area

The shape of the shopping street

A 5 minutes walk from the Saginomiya station on the Seibu Shinjuku line, with the Shirasagi 1-chome and the Nakasugi-dori 2-chome as its center is the residential areas shopping district


Tanabata festival accessory salePeriod: June 25th to July 15th
Illumination salePeriod: November 25th to December 15th
Reidaisai-festivalheld on the weekend at the end of August
Rice cake pounding festival・Nightwatch・Recreation

​ The beautification of the shopping districts shutters.

The shutters that had been scribbled upon.....Has been beautifully restored!

This project of changing the graffiti on the shutters into artwork was suggested by chairman Shiozawa at the end of last year. Together with 22 students from Musashino Art University and Tama Art University who all shared the wish of getting rid of the shutter graffiti and change it through their own art.